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Why I'm a Stylist!

The number one reason above all is because I want to be able to touch peoples lives in a positive way! I remember the 1st day of beauty school like it was yesterday. They said that we were beginning a career of “day makers “. This really hit home with me because that is exactly what I want to be in my life. I wanted to be that person who brought you out of your slump or make you smile, even if It was just for an hour. Day maker, listening ear, sounding board, secret keeper and no judgement holder. Those are just a few of the titles I have held in the years.

The joke in my industry is we are counselors to our clients that also get to make you pretty at the same time.

The other reason I started in this career is because I love fashion and let’s be real your hair is your best ACCESSORY. It’s the one thing you can change, and it does not matter what size you are. If you have the latest greatest bag or you have all of Oprah’s favorite things if you have hair that makes you feel confident there is no better feeling. Your hair is a crown you never take off!!!

Through the years of creating hair (13 years +) I have learned that honesty is the best policy in EVERYTHING! For example, if you come to me with a hair color you want to try, and I think you are going to hate it or it will not look good I will say NO and give you other options for maybe something that is similar that will look amazing on you. I will also tell you why I’m saying “NO”. I once told a client she has to come to me 3 or more times and say she wants bangs before I did them. I did this because I came to know her very well and I learned that if you ask me once it’s an idea, if you ask me twice then it becomes a want and if you ask 3 times it’s a need. Now this is not true in every case I have but you must understand most of my clients I have been their stylist for a minimum of 7 years. So, I have come up with things I do with every client to make sure I give them what they want. Know that if you come see me I will customize a look that will fit your needs.

My family is my everything! My husband and I have a daughter who is all kinds of spunky fun. We also have two fur babies, yes, they are VERY MUCH a part of our family. We joke that they are our daughter’s siblings. We are a very active family whether we are at a car show or hiking in the mountains we LOVE just being together.

My plans for this blog and business is to make my clients and followers feel amazing about themselves. To continue to bring you content that will inspire you and make you think about your hair and so much more!

What you can expect with this blog! The newest trends and tips from the hair industry. A new way to look at your hair. Ways to step out of your day to day and to keep making you think. Here are some of the up coming topics of my blog.


* When do I go grey?

* Why use professional products (the real reasons)

* Finding the right stylist for you

* Why is my hair falling out

* Behind the scenes of what stylist really think (interviews with some of my favorite stylist)

* When you want a change in your hair and don’t know where to start

* The drama for creative colors

* and many more

So, stay tuned for the 15th of every month to see what one of these topics are coming your way!

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