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Keep an eye out on Instagram, Tuesdays for my helpful tips to take your hair to the next level. I am always coming up with fun new ways to have fun with your hair.


Chic top knot

1. Start by brushing all you hair forward.

2. At the nape of your hair start a french or dutch braid.

3. Continue up to the head until you get just above your ears. ponytail the braided section.

4. Grabbing the rest of your hair and the braided part ponytail that all together.

5. Wrap your ponytail around itself to make a bun and bobby pin the bun in place.

6. Pull on the bun slightly to add a bit of volume and add pins if need be. Now you are ready for anything with this chic top knot.

Headband Tutorial 

This is a fun way to wear your pieces to peaces turban headband. This fun look can be dressed up or down and always looks super chic!

Tipfull Tuesday Revamp

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