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Welcome to My business, Girl 

I'm elisa mae, originally from olympia Washington and am now proudly serving our denton county community.


AS a mom of two, i know exactly how important it is to feel special, pampered and beautiful in a relaxing atmosphere. my suite mate and i have designed our studio suite experience in away that will leave you feeling uplifted, relaxed and most confident.

i've been a stylist for 18+ years and never been more in love with my career. i specialize in blondes, lived in color, extensions and brides. i love education and sharing all the new techniques i learn with you.

what most stylist offer is a great first visit and solid maintenance care. i see my role as your stylist a bit differently. i work together with my guests to design a custom plan that will fit their life and give them their desired look. i check in through out the year to make sure we are still moving in the right direction and tweak it if needed. i am also not afraid to tell my guest the "truth" when it comes to their hair goals.

when I’m not in the salon, my family and i are exploring new adventures together! i love experiencing new thing in the community that keeps my family active. 

Click here to check out my services or to book an appointment. Email me at if you have any questions.

I create lovable

lived in


for all walks of life! 

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