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The BLONDE Truth!

The nitty gritty truth about what it takes to be blonde!

So, I have been some type of blonde my entire life. What I have come to realize is being blonde is not easy. Sure, as a kid its fine, the case of green hair now and again .. thanks a lot to chorine. Then your hair gets darker with age. So, you add a few foils to feel bright and that right there is your gateway into your blonde journey. Some people will shy away thinking it’s too much work. Then there are those of us who realize we can go EVEN BLONDER! Now we are hooked!

Speaking from experience I never thought I was blonde enough…. well until now.

So, we play with different tones of blonde to see what we like, some of us like warmer tones with darker bases. Others of us like cool tones with lighter bases. But what is true with all of us is that we are always trying to keep our blondes just the right tone.

So, my advice for blondes is to invest in a good quality purple shampoo. My favorite is SURFACE Pure Blonde purple shampoo. It tones your hair with Maqui Berry & Moringa oil. Other purple shampoos tend to use dyes in their shampoos which can cause your hair to be overly dry. There are blue shampoos out there for warmer blondes or lighter brunettes but, honestly I would say get the Surface shampoo and conditioner because the conditioner has a blue base and works just as well, if not better.

For those of you starting your BLONDE journey be patient because it is a process and can take a bit to get to your desired look. If you are going from dark brown to an icy blonde it will take a bit. If a stylist says they can get you there in one setting I would question what the integrity and feeling of your hair will be at the end of the service. Taking your hair from that level of color to icy blonde is really hard on your hair. Always make sure you feel comfortable with your stylist and have an in-depth consultation.

I personally like to show the client what the process could look like with pictures and try and show the process as much as possible on social media. Also, if it’s recommended to do the extra conditioning treatment DO IT! I would say 99% of the time you need it. Most stylist want you to have healthy hair.

What it comes down to is that you are getting your hair lightened so bleach or a high light color will be used and that means the cuticle of your hair will be exposed. So, you must use conditioners & hair protectants to rehab your hair to keep it from getting over processed. Which can lead to overly dry hair, damaged ends and even breakage. Your at home routine is just as important as your salon care.

Being BLONDE is not always easy but man is it worth it!

Blonde is not for everyone just like being brunette is not for me. The most important part is you feel beautiful no matter what color hair you have. The best part of color is it can always be changed. So, if you feel like trying something new give natural highlights or a soft balayage a try as it can really brighten up your look without being high maintenance. Have fun finding your hair journey and continue to stay beautiful from the inside out.

Stay beautiful, Elisa

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