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So here is the low down on my


I started my TIPFULL TUESDAYS because I had so many clients asking for tips and tricks on styles they could do everyday to mix it up. I thought it would be a fun way to show them how to mix up their daily routine.

TIPFULL TUESDAYS are designed to walk you through step by step on what to do! I try to come up with styles that are easy to do and practical. I try and mix it up with styles that can be done on both long and short hair.

The reason I love sharing my TIPFULL TUESDAYS is because this is a way I can help my clients, friends and followers with their hair when they are not in my chair. It’s like having me with you! It’s my way of inspiring you with your hair every day!

Keep your eyes out on my social media for the next TIPFUL TUESDAY! I post them on my Instagram stories and also on my facebook page. I have put some of my favorite TIPFULL TUESDAYS on the bottom of the page.

Stay Beautiful

Elisa Mae

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